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here the job web site FYI
HOT IT Specialist - Middleware Operation - Web MQ (English)
Requisition No.: ITD-0230034
Location : Shenzhen
Technical Services position encompasses Service Delivery, Delivery Operations and includes:
Focuses on the deelivery of Web enablement support for problems requests for service and administration of the Web enablement environment on customers sites. It includes ensuring that the services provided to individual customers meet the terms and conditions of contracts.
Focuses on achievement of SLA objectives.
Focuses on achievement of a high level of customer satisfaction.
Ensures that project tasks assigned meet time and customers satisfaction objectives.
Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology
At least 2 years experience in MQ,WAS,Java,Z/OS
Java related certification is a plus
Prefer to have technical skills in Websphere Application server/WAS product suit/Web Methods Web Logic TIM/AIM
Knowledge of Unix operating system

HOT IT Help Desk Operation Manager (Japanese & English)
Requisition No.: BPD-0236607
Location: Dalian
This role participates in remote technical support of IBM hardware and software products and/or systems and may include the following but not limited to: 
Provide remote troubleshooting and analysis assistance for installation (or reinstallation), usage and configuration questions.
Provide problem determination / problem source Identification. Review diagnostic information to assist in isolation of a problem cause (which could include, assistance interpreting traces and dumps).
Identify known defects and fixes to resolve problems.
Provide assistance on supported product known defects for which available corrective service information and program fixes are available.
Identify suspected defects and engage development teams to assist in resolution. Provide assistance with questions regarding product documentation related to the supported products.
Interpret online manuals regarding IBM code and application interfaces.
Demonstrate proficiency in the hardware and software platform supported by maintaining applicable technical certifications.
IT Support Help desk experience more than 2 years.
Complaint handling skill required
Experienced requesting Escalation
Ability to explain complex problem in simple and logical way
Ability to create proper report to Customer, other divisions or teams
Training experience above 6 month
TL/SV experience above 6 month
HOT IT Help Desk Call Agent (Japanese)
Requisition No.: BPD-0236622
Location: Dalian
Apply receipts and cash payments as directed by customer remittance, cash collection personnel and Bank statement.
Validation of payment to ensure completeness of information and compliance with business practices
Timely and accurate entry of payment/remittance details into relevant application
Accurate record keeping through efficient filing and imaging of completed remittances
Reconciliation of bank accounts to posted cash
At least 1 year experience in Practical computer skills (MS Office), Especially excellent excel
Business or Administration qualification; Accounting degree strongly preferred
At least 1 year experience in Practical computer skills (MS Office), especially excellent excel
fluent spoken Japanese, basic English
Accounting: Basic accounting knowledge

 HOT I&DM - Database Administrator - DB2 DBA-MVS (English)
 Requisition No. : GBS-0219375
 Location: Shanghai/Dalian/Chengdu/Shenzhen
 IT Specialists in this job role will have expertise in one or more relational and non-relational data management-based software product areas.
 Examples include mainstream data management software, such as those from IBM and Oracle. Typical examples of the deliverables are building proof-of-concept solutions with data management technology and architecting data management solutions to address client requirements.
 IT Specialists who primarily apply their technical skills in an internal or external customer billable services and implementation environment.
 At least 3 years experience in Lead DB2 on zSeries: Performance and tuning, Team leadership skills, DDL changes, Backup and Recovery, Database Utilities, Problem analysis, SQL writing and tuning, MVS JCL, Database Monitoring, Excel
 DB2 LUW: DDL changes, Backup and Recovery, Database Utilities, Problem analysis, SQL writing, Unix/AIX/Linux scripting, Database Monitoring
 Experience required in scripting languages like shell/perl/java/php is highly
 Excellent communication and written skills
 HOT Mainframe-Application Architect -Custom Development Legacy (Japanese)
 Requisition No.: GBS-0238035
 Location: Dalian
 at least 5 year working experience on MF, good at COBOL;
 good communication skills in both Chinese and Japanse. Japanese level 1;
 experienced in tool RSM;
 requirement analysis and macro design experience;
 good at documentation with EXCEL
 experience on FTP, SOCKET, HALFT will be additional.
 HOT Mainframe- Infrastructure Specialist - AIX/UNIX (Japanese)
 Requisition No.: GBS-0237869
 Location: Dalian
 Open development experience 5 years above
 AIX,WAS,DB knowledge
 Experienced in system issue solving
 JP level is 1 or 2
 Infrastructure Specialist
 HOT SAP - Senior Consultant - PP (Japanese)
 Requisition No. : GBS-0229056/GBS-0229828
 Location: Shanghai/Dalian
 This position required in-depth consulting skills, business knowledge, and packaged solution expertise to effectively integrate packaged technology into the clients' business environment in order to achieve client expected business results, description as below:
 To provide the support and service for IBM global clients whose SAP system has complex connection with various system as SAP/XI/I2/Sabrix/CRM etc
 Be required for short-term oversea assignment but most time base on Dalian/Shanghai office.
 The company’s job role rotation opportunity enlarge your career development space within SAP various module and system application.
 Good communication in Japanese (Japanese Level 2 or above).
 Above three years consultant experience, including two years directly implement project experience, global implement project experience is as a plus. Unless for internal consultant experience only, you must act the role as key user in full cycle implement of SAP project and team leader above four years.
 Has SAP PP module experience, know ABAP program will be preferred.
 Has the SAP PP PA certificate will be preferred.
 Good team player with leadership
 Client driven required
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